Helen Rushbrook

I am a lifestyle and food photographer, with a love of natural light, tulips, the ocean, cheese, a well-mixed cocktail, sheep, sea-shells, laughter, sheds, and oysters (au naturel with a squeeze of lemon). I am a trained horticulturalist, and the botanical and naturally beautiful often feature in my work; together with a timeless (some might say hopeless!) romanticism that lies at my heart.


Landrover, The BBC, Microsoft, Mastercard, Lidl, Walmart, Spotify, The Women's Institute, Simple Things Magazine, Amazon publishing, Hearst Publishing, Express Newspapers, Electrolux, Homehalo, Living Space magazine, Ogilvy & Mather, Saatchi & Saatchi, Hornall Anderson, Bauer Media, High 50, Mind Body Green, Burke & Herbert Bank, Entertain, Think, Inspire, Yahoo.