Hiroki Nagahiro


Hiroki Nagahiro was born in Shimane, Japan.

At age 18, while living in Toronto, Canada, Hiroki discovered something that would forever impact the course of his life: the photography of Lewis Hine.

Hine’s worked touched him so profoundly that it inspired him to move to Australia to study photography with the dream of becoming a photography journalist.

While studying in Australia he discovered he had a talent and unique vision for fashion photography.

Hiroki is now based in London and is an exiting new talent.

Featured in; Superior magazine, Leon magazine, And Girl magazine, Design Scene magazine, Shustrings magazine, Tantalum magazine, HUF magazine, Flanelle magazine, FashionPress.It. 

Clients: Furla (JP), Agua Marina Milan (IT), Niro Wang (UK), Et Al (AUS), Robyn Blacks(AUS), Soho Workshop (AUS), Calibre (AUS), Royal Cosmetics (JP), VANITES (JP), Be Radiance (JP), Felt Munk (AUS), Limedrop (AUS),  Mina&Katusha(AUS), Wootten (AUS), Preston Zly (AUS), Le Roni(UK).