Karolina Henke

Karolina Henke is a Swedish-born photographer and filmmaker with a passion for storytelling and conceptual themes.

She started out as an assistant to several photographers in Stockholm and then continued her journey to New York City to work with the well-known artist Andres Serrano among others. All together she assisted for more than seven years and in 1999 she decided to start her own business.

One of her very first clients was IKEA and she has been working with them ever since. Long-lasting business relationships are important to Karolina.

“I have several clients I have worked with for a long time, such as Polarn and Pyret. I have worked with them for 8 years and it is an honour for me, but also a journey you go through together. That process is very interesting to me”.

Photography came to Karolina when she got a camera for her birthday as a teenager. After that she was hooked.

 “I am inspired by life and I find images everywhere. It can be a memory from the past, an inspiring person I have just met or a movie I just saw. I love my job, it is my passion and I love people, a great combination”.

Karolina lives through her senses; she uses her strong energy and intuition. She has been working with street casting for 20 years and loves to be involved in the very early stage of the creative process when possible.

 “I often work directly with the Creative Director and I’m very interested in strategy and positioning. I love to inspire and be inspired by talented people. With the right team you can reach unimaginable heights”.

When not shooting for her fashion and advertising clients, Karolina spends her spare time making art photography and features in several exhibitions each year.

 “Through my artwork I have found a way to tell my own stories”.


Ericsson, H&M, IKEA, JC, La Petite Magazine, Leopold and Livia, Lindex, Livly, Nokia, Peugeot, Polarn & Pyret, Selfridges and Wallpaper.