We manage all aspects of stills, motion, e-commerce, print, digital and branding, no matter how big or small your project is we bring an attentive and bespoke service to all our clients. With our wide range of experience having worked with many leading UK and European brands, we work hard to bring all elements of creative communication together, this allows us to create beautiful, aspirational, brand driven images to deliver strategic campaigns that are exciting!

Clients are always looking for the perfect location to shoot so with an experienced team on the island we have no problem acquiring permits and licenses for some of the most amazing villas and houses in charming villages and stunning beaches on beautiful coastlines. “August in Ibiza” is the perfect choice.


When it comes to great kids you need a great agent, so we are lucky that we have a close relationship with Amanda at Grace & Galor who has been scouting across the island to find fantastic new faces to build a strong division of models for our UK and European clients alike.

When all said and done!!!

As with our London production, It’s the small things that make the biggest difference on set. We will ensure your food is good, your beds are comfy and the WIFI works, transfers to set are organised and any other little things are done and dusted so you don’t have to worry!!


Sam Bale - - 07532 073911

Zoe Hoffman-Mills - - 07970827869